Circular influence

Where networks become a community

CI is building an independent, valuable and trusted community of sustainable development educators.

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CIRCULAR INFLUENCE’s private groups help your network have a space to breathe and interact in an increasingly busy world. 

CIRCULAR INFLUENCE offers a range of tools and features to help you engage, manage and enhance your network or group, allowing you to focus on growing and maximising your community’s potential. 

Reduce support costs for the administration of your network by creating your own private space within CIRCULAR INFLUENCE today

Transform your network into a community

CIRCULAR INFLUENCE is committed to supporting networks of sustainable development educators – we are working with a range of networks, both open and private. Hosting your network with CIRCULAR INFLUENCE is free for you and your members. CIRCULAR INFLUENCE includes a range of tools and features to help you engage, manage and enhance your membership. 

choose the features that will best support your members

Member Directory

Members Profiles

Events Lists/Manage Bookings

Run polls with members

News Posts

Request Profile Updates

Tagged Content

Live Feed

Forum Discussions

Direct Messages


Email Campaigns

Upload and share resources

Ember Twitter
Facebook feed

We’ll get you set up and ready to welcome your members...

Request a demo of Circular Influence

We’ll give you a tour of Circular Influence and show you the features that will help make your network into a community

Create your own space

Send us your logos, choose your preferences and we’ll get you started so you can add your own content

Launch & invite members

We’ll give you a link to send to your members so that they can sign-up as a Free Member (or they can choose to become a Global Member)

Access help and tips

We’re here to help - our team is here for help and guidance whenever you need it, to ensure you are making the most of your space and to keep you updated about new features

...then it’s over to you to start discussions and grow your network into a thriving community!

Safe space, safe data

Your community is in safe hands. We ensure that your community interacts within a trusted and secure environment – our platform is secure and GDPR compliant.

Six ways networks are benefitting from circular influence

Managing membership

Private member directory
Member profiles
Up-to-date member details

Organising events

Take bookings
Manage communications
Maintain contact

Promoting belonging

Branded community space
Link to social media
Share resources and media

Increasing engagement

Surveys and polls
Facilitate projects
Email campaigns

Raising profile

Promote your network
Find new partners
Recruit new members

Making connections

Find like-minded networks
Promote shared debate
Engage with wider community

Circular influence

CI can help you manage all your network's needs in one place