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The Global Network that mobilizes scientific and technical expertise from Governments, Private Sector, Judiciary, Academia, NGOs and Civil Society

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Circular Influence


Join CIRCULAR INFLUENCE, the global sustainable development community that mobilizes scientific and technical expertise from Governments, Businesses, Academia, Judiciary, NGOs and Civil Society to achieve sustainable development. 

CIRCULAR INFLUENCE enables leaders from all regions to participate in the development of the platform, while at the same time ensuring effective structures for decision making and accountability.

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Find a mentor, friend, or new contact. Connect with global sustainable development peers and experts through events, learning seminars and online community. Build a network of peers that you can rely on for guidance, support and idea-sharing. Converse with peers locally, in other countries, in and outside your knowledge area that share the same core passion for sustainable development.


As a CI Global Member, you’ll gain access to publications and global sustainable development standards. In addition, leverage thousands of tools, templates, articles, guides and other resources to keep you informed and remain efficient.


Expand your network by attending local events. Events offer a variety of topical sessions to informal meetups. Collaborate with like-minded individuals locally to create and share consumable content, tools and resources.


Grow your knowledge and your opportunities with training and tools. Want to learn on your schedule — anytime, anywhere? Or, pick up a new skill? Browse our most popular online courses.

Learning activities that allow you to broaden your knowledge in one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development goals.

Build Your Sustainable Development Skills Online, Anytime

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Develop lasting relationships. Engage with experts. Share best practices and gain practical insights.

Discover and register for events taking place online or near you

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There is a place where conversation and content intersect, where you can get answers to your questions, share your expertise – anytime, anywhere. That place is CIRCULAR INFLUENCE online community.



Get exclusive access to webinars to help you stay on top of new trends, learn the latest best practices and meet professionals from around the globe.

Gain the knowledge you need to stay ahead in your career, all from the comfort of your own home.

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We charge a low membership fee to keep the Circular Influence Community free from advertising and to generate funding for member-led projects

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Fees are halved in low and median income countries to encourage participation and create an inclusive global community – find out if you are eligible for the discounted fees.

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Premium Member – if you want to run your own private groups and events and Consultant Member – if you want to promote your expertise as a consultant.

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