Circular Influence


A member-led organisation committed to giving back.

Our vision is that, working together, our global professional community will bring about lasting positive change for the planet and the society.
Learn more about why Circular Influence was created and how we are driven by our values

sustainable development

Circular Influence is is a member-led organization focused exclusively on Sustainable Development – is for anyone who is passionate about Sustainable Development. We were formed in 2019 as a “profit with purpose” organisation with a commitment to social, environmental and economic impact.

We listen and respond to our members' ideas and needs

making the world a better place

We are here to help governments, businesses, academia, NGOs and citizens – anyone who has an impact on making the world a better place in 2030 across 17 important areas and we are made stronger by our global partnerships.

Every action and decision we take is with the planet and our community in mind.

We are open, inclusive, trusted, progressive and aspiring. These values shape how we work and how we expect members to act.

giving back

We are committed to giving back. We offer free space to networks, provide subject centres, webinars and resources that anyone can access, plus help, support and funding exclusively for our members.​

We are serious about making a difference in the world through partnerships and funding.

We partner with organisations that share our values and our social impact goals.

At CI, we believe in:

Sustainable Development Impact​

Sustainable Development management is a critical competence that has a positive influence on organization results and society


Volunteers and effective volunteer partnerships with staff are the best way to accomplish the organisation's goals and objectives.


Encouraging diverse viewpoints and enabling individuals to contribute to the sustainable development management profession and to the Virtual Institute. Through times of growth and change, our core values provide continuity and a moral compass, communicating our beliefs and guiding our behavior.


Accountability and ethical behavior ensures our commitment to CI stakeholders.


Bringing members of the sustainable development community together is the best way to advance the sustainable development management profession and facilitate their growth.